Stills from Adam 2, a feature-length animated film by Jan Lenica, master Polish animator and graphic designer. As far as I know this is currently unavailable and I can’t manage to find a copy floating around the internet. It looks absolutely stunning, a tantalising glimpse of his wonderful graphics come to life. His other short films are well worth tracking down, Dom, his collaboration with Walerian Borowczyk and Labirynt are both available on the Anthology of Polish Animated Film DVD. Also Rhinoceros from 1965 is currently on Vimeo.

See some more scans in a 2011 post at Cardboard Cutout Sundown.



When it comes to collecting, I’m most persistent about tracking down artwork by Luigi Serafini. It has been a constant presence in my life for almost a decade, and I’ve spent hours digging and digging to find his work tucked away under rocks and in obscure corners - especially for an American who doesn’t speak a word of Italian.

So, one of my alerts alerted me to this book series, about which I know nothing except that Serafini contributed illustrations. I contacted the publisher asking for more info, and in the course of emailing about my collecting habit, he asked if I wanted him to get Serafini to sign my copies. Lucky break, right? Well, what I didn’t expect was full-page inscriptions bearing my name, rendered in Serafini’s made-up language from the Codex Seraphinianus. I was literally short of breath when I opened these books and realized what I had. That’s pretty much the moment every collector lives for.

The books are very nice, too - the illustrations are printed on textured paper that is heavier than the rest of the pages, and most of these images are new to me, which is a bonus as well.